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Re: Custom Dungeon Blocks

Post by BadLuckBurt » Mon Oct 28, 2019 6:36 pm

pango wrote:
Sun Oct 27, 2019 7:48 pm
I'd like to mention something I noticed in existing blocks and that I didn't see mentioned (at least in this thread): for any block design, they're usually 3 or 4 variant blocks in the library, extra rooms, one more turn to a corridor, or one half of the block untouched the other half redone, etc.
While it could be seen as a cheap trick to increase the number of blocks (and it certainly is, too), I think this has the benefit that even when the player recognizes part of a design, (s)he cannot immediately be 100% sure of what the current block will look like; Which in turn blurs the dungeon modularity frontiers and helps hide the blocks in players mind.

So if you make new designs, think about adding along several variants to help conceal the blocs structure of dungeons...
You have a good point, the people who made the original blocks only scratched the surface in my opinion. There's plenty of main blocks (about 93) and special blocks (the castle dungeons, Orsinium, Mantella Crux, etc.) but only 14 border blocks. They never contain quest objectives so if that border block pool was enlarged, say doubled or tripled, vanilla dungeons could feel a lot fresher for veterans if the blocks are swapped out pseudo-random (so that the dungeon does still look the same for every player).
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