Active magic effect list / status

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Active magic effect list / status

Post by Dimillian » Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:07 pm

Classic have a very clunky way of displaying (or not displaying at all..) your related status. Bonus/malus coming from your various enchanted items, from the enemies etc.. are very very hard to distinguish. You have basically no way of telling what is active but some icons on the FPS view. And you have to use info on all your items to see their various magic properties.

I think as a QoL improvement, and shipped in default, maybe as a third sheet for the status sheet, would be to list all active enchantements and the source (items, spells, monster, etc..). (A la Skyrim, active magic effect section). That would fit well in the classic UI and would not be too distruptive.

Second option would be to totally redesign the "Status" sheet of the character sheet anyway. So we can display time, law, reputation etc.. in a full screen window.
We can also use that window to display a proper reputation screen. All the reputation data are available from the save, but only used silently in the game. Could be good to actually display it to the user. Maybe not as a final int value, but as a nice string as it's already the case for your status regarding the law and guilds ranks. So we would display something like:
"Noble of Wayrest: Notable personality"
"Noble of Sentinel: Enemy of the state"


Hope I'll find time to work on that when I'll have some time... But I really want those features as part of the modern experience.

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Re: Active magic effect list / status

Post by Interkarma » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:08 pm

I have also been thinking about ways to better present active effects to player. I'd be interested in hearing more feedback about the sort of QoL improvements players might like to see here in both first-person and general UI.

Thank you for the post Dimillian. :)

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