3D Humanoid Model Replacer

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Re: 3D Humanoid Model Replacer

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If you get this running, let me know if you can do the same to produce 3d weapon models. I'm ready to work on moving 3d weapon/hand models into the work I've done on the fps weapon system.
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Re: 3D Humanoid Model Replacer

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King of Worms: Much obliged -- it will take time but I'll keep everyone updated on progress and let you know when the aforementioned Ganiverse3D model (or another sufficient generative tool I manage to find or create) is installed/configured and ready for scaled processing of sprites.


In the meantime:

I'm fine tuning a process for generating photorealistic human portraits from sprite portraits (some initial test results here: viewtopic.php?p=55309#p55309 ), and I'm also training a StyleGAN2 variant on a custom dataset I put together to see if I can blend style encodings from multiple art styles, then transfer them onto the photorealistic renders of sprites.

That's a separate "deliverable" from the 2D to 3D GAN pipeline, but the high-level concept is to see if an element of photorealism can be added to sprites, but tastefully blended into the original art style of the game without breaking immersion (and potentially enhance the result of the eventual 2D-to-3D pipeline). May or may not be useful--mostly just an experiment to get familiar with modding and training StyleGAN.

Got about 3 days left on training the first attempt at that style transfer model for lore-friendly "sprite photorealism" on a couple of Tesla k40's. Went ahead and got DF Imaging 2/DF Modelling running on my Linux environment (wine), and Daggerfall Tools with DREAM-modded daggerfall installed and accessible from the Unity Editor, so it thankfully appears the whole process of modding DFU is 100% Linux friendly. Should be familiarized with it well ahead of the missing model components being ready.

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