Looking for a programmer to help me out

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Looking for a programmer to help me out

Post by Honorific » Fri May 25, 2018 2:09 pm

I am looking for a programmer to help me out with Daggerfall unity.

I have downloaded all the files that I need and I can start everything inside unity.

But I wonder if someone could help me out with an fps prefab, that I can add to my own scenes? Inside unity.
There is already a prefab done it is called "BasicScene" that I downloaded from Dfworkshop. It lets you look around with the character but you can not move like in the "DaggerfallunityStartup" one So I would like to see if someone could help me to take all the parts like jumping, crouching, etc from 2DaggerfallunityStartUp" in to "basicScene"?
And I also wonder if there is any discord chat for this forum?
Can you please send me a link to a chat if you know how to this?
All the best/ Jesper Nilsson, a guy that can not wait to see what he can do with this.

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Re: Looking for a programmer to help me out

Post by Interkarma » Fri May 25, 2018 2:46 pm

Welcome to the forums Jesper. :)

If you want to mod Daggerfall Unity then you should check out these modding pages on the main web site. There are two types of mods you can create - loose files (replacing textures, models, sounds, etc.) and asset packages (scripts, shaders, custom assets, the really powerful stuff).

Before diving into the deep end, I strongly recommend grabbing the latest Live Build and just get the game up and running without worrying about Unity at first. Then take a look at some of the Released Mods to get a feel for what others have created. Add these mods to your game and see the changes they make. Use this as a foundation for your own ideas, as they will help inform you what's possible.

If you don't have much programming experience yourself, a code-base this size can be extremely daunting. It doesn't use Unity in the usual way, and you won't find any scenes filled with assets to move around in. There are no real assets in the game to speak of. Everything is created procedurally at runtime using a custom asset pipeline into Daggerfall's binary files. It's almost 100% pure code from top to bottom.

The advice I give to everybody starting out is to think of the simplest possible thing you can create - then think of something even simpler. Break that problem down into small pieces and try to overcome each challenge one by one.

All the best with getting started! :)

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