How do you mod Daggerfall Unity?

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How do you mod Daggerfall Unity?

Post by aharmon1030 » Mon Dec 17, 2018 11:08 pm


I am trying to learn to mod Daggerfall, but I am having a little difficulty getting started. I have checked out a lot of the resources on the Daggerfall Workshop Website, but I found them to be a bit confusing. For whatever reason, I can't figure out which and how to load the assets into Unity -- it mostly crashes (However, I believe I may need to update it).

Anyway, what I am interested in learning to do is retexturing, creating a custom world, and change item names and dialogue. Are there any good resources for doing this? I have figured out how to use DaggerfallImaging to export sprites and load them through loose files -- but is there a more efficient way to this? It seems to work fine for enemies, but I have had some weird results with armor -- the original is worn, but my custom armor shows up in the inventory blurred. I know a lot of resources recommend using either DagPic or AndyPic, but I have found the navigation to be very awkward and I'm not sure how to import textures using these utilities. However, I found the interface of DagPicG to be much easier, but most of the sprites are corrupted when loaded. Any tips or recommendations?

As for the other two, what utilities/editors would you recommend?


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Re: How do you mod Daggerfall Unity?

Post by Interkarma » Mon Dec 17, 2018 11:58 pm

Welcome to the forums. :)

In case you haven't seen it yet, I posted a response to your question in /r/daggerfallunity. I'll just link it here as well so others can build on my reply without repeating information. ... all_unity/

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