Dungeon Layouts Dictated by Dungeon Types

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Dungeon Layouts Dictated by Dungeon Types

Post by Tuaam » Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:56 pm

So I have been playing through some of the dungeons and I feel like most of them don't have meaningful layouts based on their assigned type. From what I've seen, dungeon type only assigns certain enemies to a dungeon, but does nothing for layout. If I come across a crypt, then I would like it if the rooms inside were based off of that.

So, I am wondering if there's a way to generate dungeons differently based on type. I am aware that the dungeons were generated with a certain algorithm, would it be possible to override the current dungeons with newer, better ones?

Anyways, here's a list of rules I considered for different dungeon types.

General Rules (That Apply to All Dungeons).

>For almost all dungeons, the entry point is the highest point of the dungeon (Applies to all dungeons except Ruined Castles). If the dungeon is a ruined castle, then there should be a single large room generated on the same level, with the rest of the blocks being tunnels / whatever.

>If a dungeon allows for both dirt and stone modules, then dirt modules will generate below stone modules. So, if a dungeon has 10 layers, then you'll find dirt modules for the lowest layers while everything else is stone.

>The lowest levels of the dungeons tend to be flooded with water.

Rules for various dungeons.

>Dungeons like Natural Caves, Scorpion Nests, Spider Nests, Harpy Nests, Dragons Dens, and Volcanic Caves generate with blocks / prefabs designated as natural caves. There are no man - made tunnels in these caves at all (Including Light Sources, any human enemies encountered will be wearing lanterns) The dungeons extend to only 2 levels, making them the easiest to manage.

>Dungeons like Mines, Crypts, Covens, and Vampire Haunts are moderately sized dungeons with modules designated as man made. But these only include dirt tunnels (With the wooden posts) and a collection of rooms. There are plenty light sources, as the modules used have lights automatically. The Dungeons here extend to only 4 levels downwards. Crypts have objects like coffins lined on most walls, while covens use magic objects (Like candles) to allow the player to teleport. Mines occasionally have a long shaft with an elevator that brings them to the top of the dungeon, meaning that the entrance lies in the topmost elevator room.

>Dungeons like Laboratories, Desecrated Temples, Ruined Castles, and Prisons are generated with mostly stone modules but some dirt ones. Dungeons in this tier consist of a block with one or two large rooms with smaller stone modules in the lower regions. Laboratories are generated slightly different here, where rooms on the higher levels are made out of stone and contain lab props while rooms in the bottom might contain more sinister secrets (i.e, coffins). Ruined Castles have a main throne room (always this) that you start out in, with smaller rooms beneath the surface.

>The last tier on the list, dungeons here are as massive as they can ever get. Dungeons like Orc Strongholds, Human Strongholds, Giant Strongholds, and Barbarian Strongholds are all generated with stone, have 2 or more larger rooms, and make extensive use of stone prefabs.

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