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Re: Increasing Weapon Animation Frames/Quality

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:57 pm
by l3lessed
Well, if you really wanted it so the sword travels past the enemy to mimic an attack with the current system, that wouldn't be that hard. I could add a trigger for certain monster types, that when a hit happens but a chance roll fails, the attack code raycast code and animation system continues forward normally, a wiff audio is played, and a hitobject bool isn't triggered.

So you know, there is basic ai for enemies that already tries to predict your attacks based on your movement speed and weapon reach. It's why enemies will many times wait outside attack range for a few moments before running in for the attacks.

What would be the best compromised system is have the enemy entity/sprite do a quick back movement/push on hit and have the player weapon attack continue without interruption. This would mimic the look of a last moment dodge without having to code in a bunch of crazy raycast prediction code and then try to tie it into the enemy entity sense ai script and hope a bug doesn't bring everything crashing down around me.

The last option would require reworking the whole raycast sytem and coding in a rayarc system, where the full arc is projected instead of it being drawn ray by ray. This can allow ai to predict and know if they are within an arc hit range and predict better. Again, this is a time sync though with not enough return for me to go down this coding hole.

Re: Increasing Weapon Animation Frames/Quality

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 8:40 am
by jayhova
I'd like to see the AI interact with the hit/miss system. Monsters in the current implementation seem much less aggressive than in classic. I'd like to see them be more aggressive and the more intelligent ones, dodge on misses at least some of the time. There is no reason to wait until the weapon animation actually passes through the hit box to calculate the hit. You can calculate the hit just after the player input and then start the MOB dodging action right then. To the player it will feel like they just failed to predict when the monster was going to move while in reality the monster moved to simulate a rolled miss. Some monsters like zombies will be utterly aggressive and will make no attempt to dodge attacks but will be difficult to kill because of your inability to hit a vital area. It would be nice to see different monsters fighting with different tactics.

It occurs to me that you don't really even have to move the MOB all that far to simulate a dodge. If a creature moves just as the swing is passing and then moves back after, it will be visually clear to the player that the creature dodged the swing or thrust.

Re: Increasing Weapon Animation Frames/Quality

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 10:50 pm
by l3lessed
I was hesitant to comment on doing this because I assumed it would be some decent coding work.

I did a little research right now, and I think this wouldn't be to hard. I can shoot out two vectors that represent the beginning and end of the attack arc and find if their is anything in between and start my triggers. I'll keep this in the development cycle some where.

Been slowing down some. Been playing more skyrim in free time, and work is slamming me. I'll start picking up speed some time soon again. However, I got an hour or two and got together this update.