How do you Replace Spell Casting Billboards to VFX?

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How do you Replace Spell Casting Billboards to VFX?

Post by Sirellyn » Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:11 am

I work with unity fairly often and would love to make a mod that replaces the billboard VFX for the different elemental spells with the unity particle system. The standard ways don't seem to work though:

1. Tried renaming the Gameobject with the particle effect to 378.0 (for shock in this case). Works for all items on the ground, but doesn't seem to work for billboards for spells.
2. Tried creating a variant prefab of ShockMissle with the effect attached on. I couldn't get the asset bundle to load properly what the mod startup files. So if I replace it manually while the game is running on the GameManager the effect fires. (But the billboard is still there.) Even if I get this working it's not very elegant. And there has to be a better way...

Ideally I'd love to have the effect read the spell effect that is generating it, and modify itself based on the factors of the spell. A small damage fire missile has a rather small particle effect. One with larger damage numbers tweaks the particles to look more fearsome. Maybe even have some variants where you can see the explosion radius (if AoE) in the spell.

I've fooled around with this for a few days. I'm up for anything someone can add to help speed this up.

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Re: How do you Replace Spell Casting Billboards to VFX?

Post by King of Worms » Fri Aug 30, 2019 7:03 pm

Wow this would be awesome!

I think someone who knows will popup here quite quickly, if not, drop a PM to Interkarma, he knows everything :)
Or he will direct you to the right place

If I may add - if you into the particles - the weather effects like rain and snow could also be of your interrest (hell, the whole weather system..)

Thanks for trying!

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