Mods for nerfing the OP stealing?

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Re: Mods for nerfing the OP stealing?

Post by GethN7 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 7:59 am

Thievery should carry a higher risk depending on store quality. The more well heeled stores should have a higher random chance of having patrolling guards inside, regardless whether you found a place to hide inside or broke in from the outside.

Alternatively, some stores could have magical "alarms" on the shelves after certain hours that will trigger an alert (like summoning a daedra to beat you up like would show up for taking certain items in Morrowind) if you fail a check against the disarm skill for the magical school the alarm is set for, and some will carry more mundane traps on shelves that could cause damage to the clumsy thief.

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