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Mod System Documentation

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The documentation for the Mod System of Daggerfall Unity is available at
Please read it if you want to know how to create a new mod, replace textures or other assets or need more informations on a specific feature of mod support.

If you still need additional details or want to provide feedback on the documentation, you can do it here. Otherwise create a new topic if you need help from more experienced users or want to request a new feature.

How to start
  • Clone If you don't have an account, you can use Clone or download > Download ZIP and extract it on your disk.
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  • Download Unity 2018.2.21. Other versions are not compatible.
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    Linux version is not officially released but can be found here.

    Note: Daggerfall Unity 0.10.25 (preview) requires Unity 2019.4.2f1. You need to use this version for future buils of Daggerfall Unity.
  • Launch Unity, click on Open and select the folder from the first point.
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Ask for help
When you open a new topic to request assistance, make sure to explain I) what are you trying to achieve exactly and II) how you tried to do it. You have a bigger chance to receive help from the community if you provide enough informations and make specific requests after you attempted to find a solution for yourself. Generic questions on how to make a mod will be redirected to the documentation above.

Report a bug
If you are a mod developer and want to report a bug with the mod system you can open a new issue on Github; please make sure to provide all required informations.

Request a new feature
If there is a limitation that prevents your mod from being implemented you can request something to be added to the public API on its own topic, as long as is a reasonable request. If you have enough technical knowledge you are invited to suggest how you'd like this feature to be made available to mod authors as well as stating if you would like to submit a PR yourself.