Grabbing the Building a Quest is In?

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Grabbing the Building a Quest is In?

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I am working on my minimap mod. I want it to be able to show the building a quest is located in. Is there a clear, easy way to get the building quests are in?

I tried a few things.

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                    SiteDetails[] questSiteArray = GameManager.Instance.QuestMachine.GetAllActiveQuestSites();

                    if (questSiteArray != null)
                        foreach (SiteDetails questSite in questSiteArray)
                            Debug.Log(questSite.selectedMarker.flatPosition + " | " + questSite.selectedMarker.buildingKey + " | " + questSite.selectedMarker.placeSymbol);
This returns a bunch of empty vectors and 0 building keys.

Any ideas on this?
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