Removing a door property on a building

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Removing a door property on a building

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Could someone give me a hand for removing a door property on a building? I'm looking at model 860

It has come to my attention in Detailed City Walls that leaving dungeons found within cities (like Castle Daggerfall) has the player exit at one of those towers which I've put at city gates. This seems to be because those towers have a dungeon door, most likely linking them to the city dungeon.

How would I go to remove that door property on this building? I have Blender, but no knowledge of how it works.
Should I just delete the door texture and import the model?

Thank you! 8-)

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Re: Removing a door property on a building

Post by Hazelnut »

Did my pointer on discord help you progress with this?
See my mod code for examples of how to change various aspects of DFU:

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Re: Removing a door property on a building

Post by XJDHDR »

I'm not sure what was said but I found a while ago that the game figures out where a building's static doors are and where they go by looking through the original model for door textures. The destination is then defined based on which textures exactly the script found. You can refer to my conversation with TheLacus about this at the time: ... /pull/2006

I ultimately added a way for the CustomDoor script to override this process and take control of defining where on the model the doors are. You might need to do something like that, depending on what exactly you want to accomplish.

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