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Re: Modding Tutorials: Quest Packs & New Guilds

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This looked super simple, but I am assuming it's so simple that I am overthinking it? Some mods, like Archeologist and Roleplay&Realism have new quests packed into the dfmod file, so I know it's possible but I can't find any script in those mods that refer to loading those quests/questlist.
Hey Ralzar, did you ever solve this problem of packaging a quest pack as a dfmod ... I 'm trying to do it now but can't figure out the script. I looked at Hazelnut's Archaeologists mod script and tried whittling it down from that, but with little success.

I really need help with this ... someone ... anyone?

This is what I got so far ... but I don't even know if I'm on the right track.

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using System;
using UnityEngine;
using DaggerfallWorkshop.Game;
using DaggerfallWorkshop.Game.Questing;
using DaggerfallWorkshop.Game.Utility.ModSupport;

namespace ProstitutesAndLovers
	public class ProstitutesAndLoversMod : MonoBehaviour
		static Mod mod;

		[Invoke(StateManager.StateTypes.Start, 0)]
		public static void Init(InitParams initParams)
			mod = initParams.Mod;
			var go = new GameObject(mod.Title);

		void Awake()
			mod.IsReady = true;

		public static void InitMod()
			Debug.Log("Begin mod init: Prostitutes And Lovers");

				if (!QuestListsManager.RegisterQuestList("ProstitutesAndLovers"))
					throw new Exception("Quest list name is already in use, unable to register Prostitutes And Lovers quest list.");

			Debug.Log("Finished mod init: Prostitutes And Lovers");

EDIT: I was on the right track ... just tested it and the script totally works.

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