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Re: Daggerfall Unity VR with the Vive Pro

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:11 am
by agamer
I recently stripped the bow code out of steamvr in order to be able to build it to Oculus Quest (android build) without requiring the steamvr package and can try to package it up if you like, unless you already made progress on that.

I wrestled with different DFU versions and eventually got a working oculus quest build because DFU is awesome and I wanted to see if it would perform ok on that platform, and well, cable free VR! I did get a very basic working build but did not include weapons yet, just the game with VR support on the standard UI. Overcoming the UI issues as well as finding the correct DFU version that was required for an android/quest build and all the unity/android/quest snags encountered was enough effort for my coding skill level that it took a week or two to accomplish. I would like to continue development there but think I would like to bring in your weapons. Mind if I grab and mess with your code/fork and the assets to bring it into the quest build? If I get something as functional as what you have, I will gladly share an apk build as well as source. However, I don't intend to fork or pull from git at this point since I scraped the source from a much older DFU build. At least not until it is in a state where it supports building to android.

Re: Daggerfall Unity VR with the Vive Pro

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 6:21 pm
by Vwing
Yes! That would be amazing!

I talked with a colleague about possibly doing a Quest build, but I haven't worked on it at all yet. There's plenty of SteamVR-dependent code in here, but it wouldn't be *too* difficult to abstract it out to work with both platforms, or just rip out the useful bits and plop it in your Oculus/android implementation.

Feel free to use the weapons code.

Also, would very much like to play with your SteamVR-independent bow package. Sounds fun :)

Re: Daggerfall Unity VR with the Vive Pro

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 4:29 am
by Vwing
What daggerfall unity version did you end up using, btw?

Re: Daggerfall Unity VR with the Vive Pro

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:49 am
by agamer
TLDR - edited in the DFU version because I forgot first time posted
DFTFU 1.7.4 is what shows up in console, I pulled from specific build far enough back in time to predate the renderer change in DFTFU that seems to not run well on android
Unity versions
2018.1.6f1 for reviewing older code/builds
2018.2.21f1 for pc/vr builds using openxr and/or steamvr/oculus sdk
2018.4.6f1 for testing android/oculus quest builds that (hopefully) will work with gearvr and daydream

Much of my effort has been with openxr because I had previously built prototypes unrelated to DFU that I wanted to work across many headsets for exposure. InconsolableCellist mentioned this as a goal earlier in this thread. After he made some progress using the UI updates Interkarma very graciously added for VR, but then seemed to struggle with multi platforms, I thought I could contribute some of the experience I had already gained with bridging platforms using openxr. My challenge of course has been with specific android API, unity bugs with different versions and the renderer changing at some point in the last year making some things not work properly on android based builds. I'm focusing more on a quest build now and will incorporate your very cool weapons setup as best as I can. I could also take what experience I gain there back into android specific builds at some point if there is any demand (which I expect a little). That is unless Interkarma ends up targeting it with his efforts (which he has posted so far that he isn't likely to do it anytime soon if at all). His baby, his coding, his UI and I think his renderer on top of unity so if he does it, it would be waaaaay more functional than anything I would produce. At that point I would just use what he builds and extend to mobile headsets if my efforts were even needed. DFU team, hopefully I'm not too far off with crediting Interkarma, if so, flog me corrected and I will recant! Looking forward to getting more going on this, glad you are here VWing and there is more interest, it will help keep me motivated.

Re: Daggerfall Unity VR with the Vive Pro

Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 5:13 pm
by Vwing
Awesome. I have a GearVR, so I can contribute to making your stuff work on android if you like.

EDIT: Might be good to put your stuff on a github repo, if you do want some help with this.

Re: Daggerfall Unity VR with the Vive Pro

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 12:01 pm
by Silence
This is awesome.
I have an Oculus Quest, and I know how to sideload stuff to it. I know no shit about programming for it, but perhaps I can help with debugging, or something else — just let me know if there's grunt work to be done. I'd love to contribute.

Re: Daggerfall Unity VR with the Vive Pro

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 3:33 pm
by agamer
Update after a bit of a hiatus: I didn't stop working on this, only slowed down a bit for a few months, but picked back up again and will continue working on it. This looks amazing with the retro shader/rendering in vr. The posterizing/palletizing is just so freaking awesome, what @pango did there is really impressive. I recently got out of privateers hold for the first time ever when playtesting on oculus go and am really excited to play through the game with this in vr. Mobile vr without wires. A few things I'm fumbling around with now:

Billboarding /Skybox - tested disabling the rotations for this but had some funny things happen like npcs and effects animations stopped updating and facing wrong directions, with bad rotations. After some digging, maybe a better solution would be to adjust direction of billboards skybox to not be influenced by camera direction and use player controller position as look target and adjust according to that, still need to test this. Thoughts? Easy to implement? Seems there are several classes needing updated to accomplish this. Billboardcorrector is in VWings code and it does what I was thinking, pointing billboards at player(camera) position. This still leaves the skybox as a question but I will test using this method for that as well...

For them crunchy pixels - Rendertexture isn't working right in android/mobile vr even outside of dfu using the current solution without adjustments so I implemented a clumsy shader based downsampling that has terrible performance, but is very close to the same result visually. That was easier to do than fix camera/eye matrix maths to fix the distortion problems with rendertexture downsampling in vr. Any idea on how best to resolve the rendertexture distortions in vr? Custom upscaler/upsampler based on some algorithms already out there is the only idea I have. Need to research.

Daggerfallterrain - Currently am forcing standard terrain shader because tilemaps shader isn't working correctly for android/mobile vr. I suspect this is platform limitation with layers and tilemap parms. Any advice or suggestions here?

Daggerfallinput class from VWing - this looks like it was removed in latest source, probably for controller support that was added? I'm able to plug it back in and it sorta works. I get multiple clicks registered sometimes even when using "onbuttondown" versus "onbutton" and sometimes doubleclicks don't register at all in dfgui - an example is when selecting a spell I have to back out of the dfgui window then the spell activates whereas before I would doubleclick/doubletrigger and it fired. I've been using this method to avoid plugging in to inputmanager and other classes directly for the various input mappings per device. With the new solution, what is the best approach to map custom inputs? InputManager.AddAction is working still, at least for ReadyWeapon, just not calling windows but postmessage works for that. I will test others. Still not sure the best way to map specific gestures/swipes/touchpad inputs from hand controllers. Any tips would be appreciated but I will keep chipping away.

Re: Daggerfall Unity VR with the Vive Pro

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:46 pm
by carademono
Any updates on the Oculus Go version? I think lots of people are on the edge of their seats for this...

Re: Daggerfall Unity VR with the Vive Pro

Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 1:53 pm
by pgratz
Just curious on what the status was on this. Is there a build I can try out on steamVR? I have an Index so I can give feedback on how it works with the index controllers if interested.

Re: Daggerfall Unity VR with the Vive Pro

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 1:35 pm
by shram86
Hi all, and @agamer -

"Experienced" with Unity and VR dev (including android/oculus, yuk), I have a couple headsets, one an Odyssey Plus, and a Quest 2 on the way.

Briefly hopped in the Discord and found this was basically the only place anyone is discussing VR for DFU.

1. I'd like to help wherever help is needed. 10 years tech industry experience.
2. Should decentralize to a channel in the discord or make a separate page somewhere. This is a huge effort and should be considered as such!

Let me know.