Unintended consequence of allowing player into all houses

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Re: Unintended consequence of allowing player into all houses

Post by Hazelnut » Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:50 pm

Interkarma wrote:There are quite a few of these, including taverns that are marked as a residence (at block level) and contain no scpecial building data at map level. Gothway garden has one such tavern-residence.

Unfortunately, the exact method Daggerfall uses to link map building data to block buildings is unknown, and I've had to do this another way. The ability to enter all buildings is a side-effect of my implementation.

I'm just sitting on this issue for now. The problem is really one of game data not matching the location. Options are to fix the game data (messy in a lot of ways) or just find a way to block player from entering problem buildings. The second option is superior, but I don't have a good general way of identifying these buildings at this time.
I've had another thought about these buildings - maybe they could serve as guild halls for new guilds added as mods? Any thoughts about that?

I'm not sure how easy it would be for a mod to add/replace buildings in existing towns, so wondered if these 'broken' buildings could be repurposed somehow by overriding the contents. May depend on how many there are. Does anyone have a list of ones they've found?

Also I can only find house2 building types, and none of the 5 other house types - do they exist anywhere?
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