0.7.2 Player can add both variants of light or darkness powered magery

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0.7.2 Player can add both variants of light or darkness powered magery

Post by Interkarma » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:42 am

I discovered this while implementing light and darkness powered magery.

During custom character creation, player can add both versions of a disadvantage such as "ReducedPowerInDarkness" and "UnableToCastInDarkness". Their dagger position lowers difficultly for both during custom character creation, but only the second option becomes live.

This creates an exploit where player can add both options for lower difficulty, but by adding "ReducedPowerInDarkness" variant last, they are still able to get some spell points in darkness while being credited with a multiplier for both. When examining player History, only the second option is visible.

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Note that player still has 46/70 spell points available in darkness despite selecting multiplier for "UnableToCastInDarkness" during character creation. These probably shouldn't be able to be combined in this way. :)

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Re: 0.7.2 Player can add both variants of light or darkness powered magery

Post by BansheeXYZ » Wed Jan 09, 2019 7:04 am

This is also true of the "Increased Magery" advantage that you've already fixed, although that one wasn't an exploit because it hurts rather than helps you. Still, it's an oversight in classic. Some of the subwindows are designed to be multiple choice, but there's no handling for it.

Classic does handle some conflicts. And when it does, it shows a popup message that says "You have already picked an advantage or disadvantage than conflicts with this one." (Note the typo) You can get this message to appear by selecting low tolerance/immunity/critical weakness to disease.

Classic also doesn't handle conflicts between race and class advantages. If I choose a High Elf, I shouldn't be able to select "Critical weakness to Paralysis" because high elves are naturally immune to paralysis. It's confusing to new players which one wins out (race does) and seasoned players can use it as an exploit to lower leveling requirements for free.

There are also some minor formatting problems that might be worth addressing:

-Hyphens show up as underscores in "Light-Powered", "Darkness-Powered", and "Hand-to-Hand"
-1x INT in spell points shows up as "INT in spell points" at the bottom of the list, which is otherwise enumerated in order. They made the right choice to alphabetize everything (go figure), but it's backfiring here when they didn't use a number for base INT.

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