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0.7.2: Fetch-item-for-sister's-birthday quest missing the NPC

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:32 pm
by Miii
Hi, I picked up TWO of this type of quest at the same tavern, both of which directed me to the same general store to pick up some ingredients and then bring them back. When I got to the right store (quest debugger also marked it for 2 quests) there was only one NPC besides the shopkeeper who wasn't the quest NPC, and if asked about the person they both said she's somewhere in the store, but she is nowhere to be seen (unless I'm blind and really stupid).

Maybe the bug has to do with me getting the same quest twice from two musicians standing right next to each other?

I'll attach a save at the store for more info.
(209.1 KiB) Downloaded 9 times
Game version is 64bit 0.7.2. on Win 10.

Re: Fetch-item-for-sister's-birthday quest missing the NPC

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:14 am
by Interkarma
Welcome to the forums! :)

There is unfortunately potential to receive same side-quest twice, and for two different quests try to use same quest site. Sounds like you were hit by both! We'll need to put in some tests to prevent this outcome in future.

Re: Fetch-item-for-sister's-birthday quest missing the NPC

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:20 am
by Jay_H
Quest name: a0c01y09

I loaded it and there is indeed no quest person in the matching building. I can't give any more information than that though, so we'll have to wait for someone more qualified.

As a side note the _sister_ NPC here is not marked as female, which will inevitably cause quibbling later down the road. Not really related to the task at hand though.

Quest text:
-- Quest: C:\QUESTS\WORKING\A0C01Y09.Qbn.
-- StartsBy: NPC
-- Questee: anyone
-- Questor: peasant
-- Repute: 01
-- QuestId: 9
Messages: 62
Quest: A0C01Y09
-- Message panels

QuestorOffer: [1000]
<ce> Excuse me? _questg_ is the name.
<ce> I don't know how I feel about you,
<ce> but I do need a favor. My sister, _sister_,
<ce> is having a birthday next month and I could
<ce> really use some _item_ for the celebration.
<ce> It's worth _gold_ gold pieces. What do you say?

RefuseQuest: [1001]
<ce> Just as well, I suppose. Good day.
<ce> Sorry I asked.
<ce> Then we never talked, I'd hate for
<ce> you to spoil the surprise.
<ce> Whatever, it was easy gold you know.
<ce> Leave me then, I have a celebration to plan.

AcceptQuest: [1002]
<ce> Excellent! You are a smart one.
<ce> This is easy gold. Go to _store_
<ce> and find _merchant_, %g has the specific
<ce> _item_ I need. Remember, there is
<ce> only a month 'til the celebration.
<ce> Very good. This is easy gold. You'll have to go to
<ce> _store_ to find the exact kind I need.
<ce> Talk to _merchant_, %g runs the place.

QuestComplete: [1004]
<ce> Very good, %pcn. Here's the gold I promised.

RumorsDuringQuest: [1005]
<ce> I hear that _questg_ really doesn't
<ce> like %g3 sister _sister_. And %g is
<ce> about to get married.

RumorsPostfailure: [1006]
<ce> Did you hear that _sister_ uncovered
<ce> an attempt to poison %g2?

RumorsPostsuccess: [1007]
<ce> _sister_ was found dead! And
<ce> on the eve of %g3 wedding day too.

QuestorPostsuccess: [1008]
<ce> Ahem. Well, yes. I suppose since you
<ce> did get that...item for my sister's
<ce> nuptials I do owe you a debt.

QuestorPostfailure: [1009]
<ce> Traitor! I send you on a simple fetch
<ce> mission and you have to blab it to
<ce> _sister_. You'll get no help from me.

Message: 1011
<ce> You are carrying the _item_.
<ce> Do you want to give it to _sister_?

Message: 1013
<ce> You are carrying the _item_.
<ce> Do you want to give it to
<ce> _questg_?

Message: 1025
I have promised _questg_ of ___questg_
that I will obtain some _item_ from
_merchant_ at _store_
in return for _gold_ pieces. I must return with
the _item_ before the birthday celebration
of _questg_'s sister, _sister_,
which is in one month.

Message: 1040
<ce> Hello. Yes, I am _merchant_.
<ce> Some _item_? Yes I have it. I'll take your
<ce> 20 gold pieces and you can have the _item_.
<ce> Thanks for stopping by.

Message: 1041
<ce> Hello. Yes, I am _merchant_.
<ce> Some _item_? Yes I have it. I'll take your
<ce> 20 gold pieces and you can have the _item_.
<ce> Oh, I'm sorry. You don't seem to have enough
<ce> gold to pay for that.

Message: 1050
<ce> Hello? Why are you here? You say,
<ce> _questg_ wants some _item_
<ce> for my birthday celebration? Oh, what a wonderful
<ce> idea! I promise not to spoil the surprise!

Message: 1051
<ce> Hello? How did you get in here? What?
<ce> _questg_ asked you to bring %g2 some
<ce> _item_? Oh my ... do you have any idea
<ce> what he plans to do with it? I do.
<ce> _item_ is part of a potion that
<ce> my loving brother likes to make. A potion
<ce> that kills. You must not give it to %g2!
<ce> Please! Bring the _item_ to me.
<ce> You must do this, or I may be killed!

Message: 1060
<ce> I'll take it, I guess.
<ce> But doesn't this ruin the surprise?
<ce> You are a strange one, %pcn.

Message: 1061
<ce> Thank you, my brother cannot
<ce> use it now. You have done well.
<ce> Thank you.

-- Symbols used in the QRC file:
-- %g occurs 7 times.
-- %g2 occurs 5 times.
-- %g3 occurs 3 times.
-- %pcn occurs 4 times.
-- %qdt occurs 1 time.
-- ___questg_ occurs 1 time.
-- _gold_ occurs 3 times.
-- _item_ occurs 18 times.
-- _merchant_ occurs 7 times.
-- _questg_ occurs 7 times.
-- _sister_ occurs 8 times.
-- _store_ occurs 3 times.

Item _item_ large_plant
Item _gold_ gold

Person _questg_ face 4 group Questor
Person _sister_ face 2 group Resident2
Person _merchant_ face 1 faction The_Merchants

Place item0 local house2
Place _store_ local generalstore

Clock _questtime_ 31.00:00 0 flag 1 range 0 1
Clock _shortdelay_ 01:00 0 flag 1 range 0 1

-- Quest start-up:
start timer _questtime_
log 1025 step 0
pick one of _S.01_ _S.02_ _S.01_ _S.02_
create npc _sister_
place npc _merchant_ at _store_

_questtime_ task:
end quest

variable _S.01_
variable _S.02_
variable _S.03_
_S.04_ task:
clicked _merchant_ and at least 20 gold otherwise do _S.05_
get item _item_
say 1040

_S.05_ task:
say 1041

_S.06_ task:
toting _item_ and _questg_ clicked
prompt 1013 yes _S.13_ no _S.11_

_S.07_ task:
clicked npc _sister_

_S.08_ task:
when _S.07_ and _S.01_
say 1050

_S.09_ task:
when _S.07_ and _S.02_
say 1051

_S.10_ task:
toting _item_ and _sister_ clicked
prompt 1011 yes _S.12_ no _S.11_

_S.11_ task:
get item _item_

variable _S.12_
_S.13_ task:
give pc _gold_

_S.14_ task:
when _S.01_ and _S.12_
say 1060

_S.15_ task:
when _S.02_ and _S.12_
say 1061

_shortdelay_ task:
end quest

_S.17_ task:
when _S.06_ or _S.10_
start timer _shortdelay_
EDIT: Somehow Interkarma sneaked in a reply before I did.

Re: 0.7.2: Fetch-item-for-sister's-birthday quest missing the NPC

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:25 am
by Interkarma
Thanks for confirming so quickly Jay. :)

I've moved to bug reports and will look closer when I can.