0.10.4: Magic item degrading

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Re: 0.10.4: Magic item degrading

Post by mikeprichard » Fri Nov 15, 2019 5:43 am

Thanks all (and yeah, sorry to hear about your troubles, Leeux!). If anyone can do some more testing in classic and answer the two below questions, which should round off what I need for the wiki (and I assume what DFU will need to replicate from classic behavior here), I'd appreciate it. No rush, but it will be good to eventually get this nailed down.

1) Are "when held"/"when strikes"/"when used" enchanted items made through the Mage's Guild/Temple of Julianos item maker service subject to the same durability degradation rules as similar enchanted items found in loot/as quest rewards/at magic item merchants with the same enchantments?

2) Do "when used" or "when strikes" enchanted items made through the item maker service with more than one enchantment degrade at a rate of (10 points x number of enchantments) per use/strike, or only at 10 points total per use/strike?

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