Bug Report Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

Report specific bugs in Daggerfall Unity. Please read guidelines before posting.
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Bug Report Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

Post by Interkarma » Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:31 pm

Thank you for taking the time to test Daggerfall Unity. This forum is for reporting specific bugs and helping developers fix them. The below guidelines will help you provide good feedback and avoid duplicate bug reports.

Search First

Please use the search feature to check if your bug has already been raised.

One Bug Per Topic

Please create a new topic for each individual bug. Try to make the post title as descriptive as possible.

Bug Or Not Implemented?

Daggerfall Unity is a live work in progress. If a feature is missing or only partially implemented, please do not assume this is a bug. If in doubt about the status of a feature, check the Roadmap, or ask in the Help & Support forum.

Are Mods Enabled?

Are you running with any mods enabled? If so, please test again without any mods to confirm problem remains. If a mod seems to be the cause, try to narrow down to a specific mod and post to the mod creator's thread in Released Mods forum.

If you are a mod creator and problem appears to be something in the Daggerfall Unity core or its modding system, please escalate to Bug Reports for specific bugs or Modder Discussion if some general help is needed first to identify if this is a bug or not.

Follow Git

Keep an eye on the GitHub commits page to see what's being worked on. If something was working in a previous build and is actively being changed, problems with that system are expected and should be temporary. If in doubt, post a bug report and I will let you know status.

Work In Progress On GitHub

Code in progress on GitHub is very likely to exhibit normal work in progress problems. Usually the author is aware and is already working on a fix. If you are following git and running live code as it's written, problems are to be expected. Generally speaking, please only report on bugs in Live Builds not on work in progress.

Providing Good Feedback

Please follow the below guidelines when submitting bug reports:
  • Let us know which platform and build you are using. The Live Builds page lists builds by platform, version, and build date. Telling me "Windows x64 0.7.36" informs me exactly the build you're using. Please don't say "latest build" or similar, we need to know the exact version you're running. Reports that don't mention their version number might be moved out of bug reports.
  • Provide a clear description of problem and how it doesn't match expected outcome. Attach screenshots if helpful.
  • Provide steps to reproduce problem if possible, or at least a general description of what happened leading up to bug.
  • Email me a save game as close as possible to bug if you can. See below for finding save games.
  • If asked, provide your player log, system specs, etc. that may relate to issue. See below for finding player log.

Persistent Data Path

The persistent data path stores your save games, INI settings file, keybinds, and log files. Following is where to find your persistent data path by platform. You may need to show hidden files to locate this path.

C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Daggerfall Workshop\Daggerfall Unity

/home/username/.config/unity3d/Daggerfall Workshop/Daggerfall Unity

/Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Daggerfall Workshop/Daggerfall Unity

Finding Player Log

The player log file is in a different place depending on platform. You can also refer to this Unity manual page in case the following is no longer correct.

Your output_log.txt file will be in your PersistentDataPath from live builds #124 and later.

Your Player.log file will be in your PersistentDataPath folder.

Your Player.log file will be in the following path: /Users/Username/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

Finding Saves

Your save games can be found in PersistentDataPath\Saves. Each save is placed in a numbered folder. To identify which folder contains the save you're looking for, check top-right of screenshot in save/load UI. For example SAVE2 will be in folder PersistentDataPath\Saves\SAVE2.

Zip the appropriate save folder before sending.
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