More of that other Jay H's quest thoughts

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More of that other Jay H's quest thoughts

Post by jayhova » Sun Mar 31, 2019 5:09 pm

Playing with vanilla quest doesn't keep me from thinking about how to make new quests. I was thinking that the wagon is just a mechanism in the game to make carrying loads of stuff more plausible. Loot the dungeon, load the wagon, repeat. Then I thought what would happen if you came out and your wagon had been robbed or stolen all together? Then you have a fork in the quest. If you are a good lawful character you think to journey to the nearest town and start asking questions. If you are a member of the thieves guild you think to go to your local guild hall. If you are a non-guild member you might talk to underworld types until you get a clue where your stuff was taken or talk to the city guard and get a job to shake down the guild for letting things get out of hand. As a guild member you might get the job to find this guy and either convince him to join the guild or eliminate him.

A quest like this would require the ability to remove items from the wagon or the wagon itself. It would also require the ability to conditionally path based on guild membership and/or reputation. Perhaps a third path could be to ask at you knightly order or fighters guild. At the end you get a reward from the thieves guild and some money for the other stolen merchandise. In the non-guild questline you get an opportunity to steal the other recovered property or return it for a law/rep bump.
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