Broken lost artifact quest for knightly Order

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Broken lost artifact quest for knightly Order

Post by INfusion » Tue Jan 28, 2020 6:17 pm

After killing the ancient lich for the knightly order quest, nothing pops up, the quest stays as is. I've checked using tele2qmarker and even killall and yet the quest does not progress. I cannot speak to the original Quester (from the knightly order) and going to the dungeon noted on the lich's note (which doesn't update with the new dungeons location) and using tele2qmarker doesn't work as the quest hasn't updated.

Edit: I have the no timers mod and mod pack 1 installed
I also loaded the save and realised I haven't killed the lich in the save
Save where I am still in the dungeon, but have killed the ancient lich
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Re: Broken lost artifact quest for knightly Order

Post by Jay_H » Tue Jan 28, 2020 6:33 pm

I don't have DFU installed right now but I've looked over the quest: ... 2.txt#L249

Code: Select all

_S.01_ task:
	killed 1 _F.01_ saying 1011 
	killed 1 _F.00_ saying 1011 
	_map_ used do _readmap_ 
I see nothing wrong after a quick pass-over, but can't test the save file to see what's happening.
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Re: Broken lost artifact quest for knightly Order

Post by JorisVanEijden » Wed Jan 29, 2020 6:32 pm

In that savegame everything related to the symbol_lich_ is missing:

Code: Select all

Foe _F.01_ is Lich
pick one of _ancientlich_ _lich_ _lich_ 
_lich_ task:
	give item _map_ to _F.01_ 
	place foe _F.01_ at _dungeon_ 
These are all absent.
And so is "killed 1 _F.00_ saying 1011" for some reason.
But strangely enough "killed 1 _F.01_ saying 1011" is present.

It's almost as if someone manually edited the questfile and made a mistake.

To fix your broken quest what you could do is to open the QuestData.txt in a text editor and replacing all mentions of "_F.01_" with "_F.00_".
That should allow you to kill the Ancient Lich to complete the quest without having to kill the other lich.

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