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Re: Custom quest support

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Just tested it out. It works no matter the source :D
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Re: Custom quest support

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I understand that each faction has a male and female flat associated to it from the Factions.txt file and that when you declare a person from a faction, the game will choose between its two flats depending on sex.

Is there a way, though, to force a specific flat on a person? I ask this because when using "ordinary" people such as the "Local" or "Resident" groups, the same two flats are used (Redguard man in green with a purple cloak/lady in green).

For example, when using either the "Nobility" group or "Random_Noble" faction, you get King Eadwyre's or Queen Akorithi's flats. It would be nice to also be able to have the other flats in the Nobles textures (Texture.183)

I would love to use the many flats that are not associated to factions, such as the cooks in the Wayrest castle, the drunks in taverns and the likes.

Thanks! :)

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