[DFUnity/Classic] German Translation

Discuss translation of Daggerfall Unity and the required Daggerfall installation. Help other communities learn how to translate Daggerfall using any available tools and processes.
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[DFUnity/Classic] German Translation

Post by Deepfighter » Sun Jun 24, 2018 5:38 pm

After all the others started a thread about their translation process I felt like I should bring up one on the third oldest translation of our beloved Daggerfall - the German version.

History & statement
The translation started 2007, I took over with a friend 2010 (and 6 other translators) and relaunched 2012 with Tyermali as a mainly two-man project. As you may see the translation went through a lot, but finally is in a good shape with a yearly release per version. Our translation goal is to have a high quality and lore-friendly translation instead of rushing through the process. Before the relaunch we did exactly that and it felt not right.

Now we are on track and have our perfect working four-eyes principle. Everything is checked by both of us, every stone is turned around - we even look up for corresponding synonyms and text snippets in libraries. It already happend that a discussion - about just one word - took us the whole evenning. For some it's maybe to much perfectionism. Furthermore, as a lot of people will know - you don't have much time when you get older and you have to find free spots for your projects, especially when it took already 11 years of your life. But it's our approach and we are good with it.

Further note: As we started with the translation when DFUnity was not even thought of (correct me @Interkarma :D ) we are aiming primarly for Classic Daggerfall and do a DFUnity conversion, when everything is in place for that.

Progess is done step by step - I will give you for the beginning an overview on our status (images have to be revaluated, therefor no exact numbers yet):
dfdeutsch_180624.PNG (13.98 KiB) Viewed 3982 times
I did most of the images by myself, but my knowledge is at an end here and there, which is why I will ask here in the forum for some help in corresponding threads. :) That is actually the only thing - which I am aware right now - where we need the help of someone externally.

Further Links If you have questions or want to know more about our translation, then please go ahead and ask everything which is on your mind! :)
Head of the German Daggerfall translation - www.daggerfalldeutsch.de
and German translator for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Lore-Expert for The Elder Scrolls: Online

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