[DFUnity] Translation of DREAM menu images

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Re: [DFUnity] Translation of DREAM menu images

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Hi Daneel,

thanks for the updates. Fingers crossed you can tackle these last screens, Im quite sure you will make it one way or another!! :ugeek: Having all the cleaned screens will be really helpful for other ppl who will dare to step in and make their translations. I appreciate your endeavors a lot, legend! Best wishes!

PS: Ad the compass, just use some font you like, Im quite sure you already have a feeling for this ;)

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Re: [DFUnity] Translation of DREAM menu images

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Hello readers,

I face a very special issue with the files TRAV01I1 and TRAV01I0.

King of Worms gave me the file TRAV01I1 in PSD format, which permit to load it in GIMP and to find the different layers. But this file (and TRAV01I0, the same with colors) once loaded in GIMP loose the 3D shape of the four buttons. Let's have a look to this snapshot:
TRAV01I1.jpg (105.49 KiB) Viewed 627 times
The file is displayed with the online PDS viewer PSD Layers Extract and you can see the very strange phenomena: on the full preview we can see the four buttons, but when we look to the individual layer 1 to 4, the layers show only flat images, and the result coming out of GIMP is a flat image, the buttons are not seen.

My question is: where, in the PSD file, is stored the information that permit to show 3D buttons when the layers are only flat rectangles? A viewer as this one or XnView is able to show the four buttons when displaying the full image with all the layers merged, GIMP when loaded with the same 8 layers is not able to display the 3D buttons. How can four flat layers be displayed as 3D buttons?

King of Worm, do you remember how you where able to produce that?
Is a specialist of Photoshop able to explain what's happening here?
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