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[DFUnity] Spanish Translation

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:26 pm
by delvisomanda
Translation progress (28/05/2019):

Quests: 67.28%


Textures: 100%

Fonts: 100% --- Need a little improvement (I have different versions waiting to see which files will be in the StreamingAssets folder. The more files there are here, the less need this fonts to be modified)

Books: 0% *** --- I have all the books translated, but i need to put them in the files BOKxxxxx.txt.

Text.rsc: 0% ***
Maps.bsa: 0% ***
Faction.txt: 0% ***
SPELLS.STD: 0% ***
MAGIC.DEF: 0% ***
BIOGxxx.txt: 0% ***

*** = means that for the moment, i'll wait to see if Interkarma puts the text of these files in a similar way to the quests in the StreamingAssets folder. When I finish my current task (quests) i'll continue with the proper external programs, but this involves modifying the fonts and the results can be a bit ugly.

This is an unfinished version of the game's already translated files. To use it, replace the files inside with the files where DFU is installed. Make a backup copy.!vAkC3AgB!KwLxI-K9_QC0 ... NJYjSSevOQ

Font replacements:
< => á
& => ¿

Re: Spanish Translation

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 7:22 pm
by Jay_H
Very well. I also know nothing about github, so I can't help there :) I'll give a short show of what can be expected to be translated in a quest file, to give some starting direction.

In every Daggerfall Unity installation, the quest files can be found in \DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\Quests. They are all simple .txt files that require nothing more than Notepad, or any other ordinary text editor. Each quest file has a name made of letters and numbers, but you can look up quests on the UESP instead of manually searching each file one by one to find the right quest. Also note that the first letter of quest file names separates them among guilds, so quest files M_________.txt are Fighters Guild, N_________.txt are mages guild, and so on.

I'll copy here a regular quest file to show such things as can and should be translated.
-- Quest: C:\QUESTS\WORKING\N0B10Y03.Qbn.
-- StartsBy: NPC
-- Questee: member
-- Questor: mage
-- Repute: 10
-- QuestId: 3
Messages: 14
Quest: N0B10Y03
-- Message panels

QuestorOffer: [1000]
<ce> The Mages Guild is in need
<ce> of someone to guard the
<ce> magical _treasure_ tonight.
<ce> Is it feasible that you could
<ce> do it for us? There's a
<ce> _potion_ in it for you.

<ce> The Guildhall -- how should one
<ce> put this? In life, I think you'll
<ce> agree, there are always some people
<ce> who just ... well, the Guild has
<ce> always stood for, or, rather, had
<ce> problems with ... Listen, young
<ce> %pct, we need a guard. Will you do it?

RefuseQuest: [1001]
<ce> No problem. There are always
<ce> other guild members looking
<ce> for work.

AcceptQuest: [1002]
<ce> Be at the Mages Guild
<ce> by midnight. Your period of
<ce> guardianship will last
<ce> until 3:00 in the morning.

QuestComplete: [1004]
<ce> Well done, %pcf. Those
<ce> thieves didn't stand a chance
<ce> against you. Here, take this
<ce> _potion_. It's
<ce> really the least we can do.

RumorsDuringQuest: [1005]
The thieves must think that _treasure_ in the Mages Guild is very valuable.
The thieves have been threatening to steal the Mages Guild's _treasure_.

RumorsPostfailure: [1006]
The thieves finally got that _treasure_ after all.
The Mages Guild should've got real guards. That's why they lost the _treasure_

RumorsPostsuccess: [1007]
Those thieves aren't going to try to get that _treasure_ again, I bet.
The thieves who tried to get that _treasure_ didn't expect a real guard, I bet

QuestorPostsuccess: [1008]
How are you, %pcf? Found any use for that _potion_ yet?

QuestorPostfailure: [1009]
<ce> The _treasure_ is gone,
<ce> but you're here? That's hardly an
<ce> equal exchange, I think.
<ce> Leave me, %pcn.

QuestLogEntry: [1010]
%qdt: I agreed
to guard a magic _treasure_
at the Mages Guild of
___qgiver_. I have
to be there between midnight
and three.

Message: 1011
I couldn't resist it. I took
the _treasure_ I was
supposed to guard. They'll
be after me for sure.

Message: 1012
<ce> Lookee here boys. A guard.
<ce> Gee, I'm all scared and
<ce> shaking. Lets leave the
<ce> tongue on the door as a
<ce> warning not to mess with
<ce> the thieves guild. Get him!

Message: 1013
<ce> I claim bounty on the thief
<ce> and traitor to the Mages
<ce> Guild.

-- Symbols used in the QRC file:
-- %pcf occurs 2 times.
-- %pcn occurs 2 times.
-- %pct occurs 1 time.
-- %qdt occurs 2 times.
-- ___qgiver_ occurs 1 time.
-- _potion_ occurs 33 times.
-- _treasure_ occurs 11 times.

Item _treasure_ magic_item
Item _potion_ gem

Person _qgiver_ group Questor male

Place _magesguild_ local magery

Clock _oneday_ 1.03:00 0 flag 1 range 0 1
Clock _S.10_ 3.00:00 0 flag 1 range 0 1

Foe _F.00_ is Thief
Foe _F.01_ is 4 Knight

-- Quest start-up:
place item _treasure_ at _magesguild_
start timer _oneday_
log 1010 step 0
create npc at _magesguild_

_oneday_ task:
end quest

_clickonqgiver_ task:
clicked npc _qgiver_

_S.02_ task:
daily from 00:00 to 03:00
pc at _magesguild_ set _S.03_

_S.03_ task:
create foe _F.00_ every 83 minutes 1 times with 100% success
create foe _F.00_ every 100 minutes 1 times with 100% success
create foe _F.00_ every 85 minutes 1 times with 100% success
create foe _F.00_ every 82 minutes 1 times with 100% success

_S.04_ task:
injured _F.00_ saying 1012

_S.05_ task:
killed 2 _F.00_

_S.06_ task:
clicked item _treasure_

until _S.06_ performed:
dropped _treasure_ at _magesguild_

_S.07_ task:
when _S.06_ and not _S.02_
create foe _F.01_ every 60 minutes 5 times with 10% success
start timer _S.10_
log 1011 step 1
change repute with _qgiver_ by -30

_S.08_ task:
injured _F.01_ saying 1013

_questdone_ task:
when _S.10_ and _S.07_
when _oneday_ and not _S.07_
make _treasure_ permanent
end quest

variable _S.10_

_pcgetsgold_ task:
when _clickonqgiver_ and _S.05_ and not _S.07_ and not _S.02_
give pc _potion_
end quest

_clearclick_ task:
when _clickonqgiver_ and not _S.05_
clear _clearclick_ _clickonqgiver_

_clearclick2_ task:
when _clickonqgiver_ and _S.02_
clear _clearclick2_ _clickonqgiver_

variable _S.13_
Some quick tips: every line starting with a hyphen, -, is just a comment and is not used in the quest. Everything below the QBN statement, about halfway through the file, deals with quest mechanics and not dialogue, so there's no need to translate them. Whenever you see a line with <--->, that means Daggerfall could use either the message before or the message after for the text box, but it will not use both at the same time. Anything starting with %, like %pcn or %qdt, should not be altered. Anything starting and ending with underscores, like _potion_, should not be altered.

I've put in italics everything in this quest file that should be translated. No headers or titles should be translated. Everything after the QBN section is all mechanics, and therefore does not need to be translated.

So changing the dialogue is the work we have before us, in terms of quests.

Re: Spanish Translation

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:08 pm
by delvisomanda
I've made a folder in dropbox, to start uploading all the files I'm translating and if someone wants to join the translation, just send me your emails.

Dropbox Folder

Re: Spanish Translation

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 2:48 pm
by Jay_H
I forgot to mention: any line beginning with <ce> should keep it there. That centers the text in the dialogue box. Otherwise Daggerfall's text looks very jammed up on the left side.

Re: Spanish Translation

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:06 pm
by delvisomanda
Yeah, I figured that out. But I have a question because you're working on it. Of all the quests, does anyone need an update? cause I'll skip those until they're fixed.

Re: Spanish Translation

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:37 pm
by Jay_H
The updates are entirely mechanical, so they don't have to do with the dialogue at any time. We can copy and paste the mechanics, which are in the QBN section, without interfering with the translation. It would be simplest to do that once translation is finished, just to not duplicate efforts, also keeping in mind that the quests will also take time to fix.

Re: Spanish Translation

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:04 am
by delvisomanda
First update:

- All the quest txt, such as demos, tutorials and the initial mission, are done.

- 10 textures translated

Code: Select all

TRAV0I03.IMG (For some reason, this texture cannot be upscaled)

The next update will be the main quests.

Re: Spanish Translation

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:09 pm
by Gudadantza
When finished will it be an "official" ingame feature or will it be available as a mod?

Re: Spanish Translation

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:20 am
by delvisomanda
it'll most likely be a mod. but that depends more on interkarma, because I don't know how to implement it in the source code.
Right now it's too early to say.

Re: Spanish Translation

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:36 am
by Interkarma
Any translation packs would be a separate mod. Much of the work actually involves modifying the end user's Daggerfall installation, which is not distributed as part of Daggerfall Unity.

I'm setting up a new forum shortly for translation efforts where everyone can collaborate to share information and processes. Hopefully some people from other Daggerfall communities will join to help pool their resources.