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Released Mods Forum

Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 8:40 am
by Interkarma
This is a new curated forum area for released mods. In order for a mod to be moved into this forum, it must meet the following criteria:

New mods must be verified as safe and functional by community.

Must have an attractive first post in topic with a clear description of purpose, screenshots, good text formatting, and permanent links to download. Please ensure screenshots and other art is suitable for all ages.

Mod must be maintained to work with latest version of Daggerfall Unity. Incompatible mods will be moved back out after a while if they stop working. Creators must keep first post up to date with most recent release and download links.

When your mod is ready to be seen by the community, please create topic fulfilling these criteria in Creators Corner and a moderator will be able to move your topic into this forum. Please PM me if it has not been moved after a day or so.