[MOD] Roleplay & Realism (modular)

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[MOD] Roleplay & Realism (modular)

Post by Hazelnut »

Roleplay & Realism mod pack, by Hazelnut


This mod pack contains optional modules to enhance roleplay and realism for Daggerfall Unity gameplay. Enable / disable the modules in the mod settings. The intention is to add small mini-mod modules to this over time that support roleplay and realism to enhance immersion for those that desire it.

Current modules:
  • Clickable beds
  • Advanced Archery
  • Enhanced Riding
  • Encumbrance Effects
  • Usable Bandages
  • Ship Port Boarding
  • Underworld Expulsion
  • Mountain Rumors (FG Master quest)
  • Climbing Restriction
  • Weapon Speed Limits
  • Armor Damage
  • Enemy Appearance Remix
  • Sensible Purify Potions
  • Auto-extinguish Player Light
  • Weapon Material To-hit Moderation
  • Classic Strength Damage Bonus
  • Variant Shop & Tavern Keepers
  • Replace random house flats with Townsfolk
  • Bank Loan Max Amount Per Level
  • Refined Guild Training Service

Clickable Beds

Simple module that enables bed models to be activated. When enabled, when you click on a bed it pops up the sleep menu and disable the auto-teleport to a bed.

Discussion thread: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1581

Advanced archery

Adjusts damage and hit chance depending on length of bow draw. Obviously only works with the bow draw option enabled in main DFU settings. If you release an arrow too soon, damage and hit chances are reduced. Same if you hold the bow drawn too long. Releasing at the right point will give a slight increase to hit chance.

The tables below shows the current implementation of adjustments:

Code: Select all

Draw time effect on damage:
0s - 0.8s      = damage is scaled linearly up to default damage
0.8s - 5s      = normal default damage
5s - 6s        = 85% damage
6s - 8s        = 75% damage
8s - 9s        = 50% damage
9s -           = 25% damage

Code: Select all

Draw time effect on hit chance:
0s - 0.2s      = -40 to hit
0.2s - 0.5s    = -10 to hit
0.5s - 1s      = normal to hit
1s - 2s        = +10 to hit
2s - 5s        = normal to hit
5s - 8s        = -10 to hit
8s -           = -20 to hit
Discussion thread: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1748

Enhanced Horseriding

Enhances horse riding, making it more realistic looking and providing new abilities.
  • Riding presented in a more realistic way, with the animated horses head fixed in the view rather than moving with the camera. Limits ability to look downwards while riding.
  • Horses will follow the gradient of the terrain. This slope following can be made sharper or softer by adjusting a mod setting up or down.
  • Horses can now gallop (sprint) by pressing the shift key. Cart horses cannot.
  • Civilian NPCs can be trampled by galloping horses, killing them and sending city guards after you for assault. Be careful or keep your speed down in populated areas.
  • Enemies can be charged down with the horse by galloping into them. This only works once, as they'll be wise to your tactics after that. Always hits and does twice max hand to hand damage but costs a moderate amount of stamina.
  • If the Realistic Movement setting is on, then horses and carts will have much more limited strafe (horse: 40%, cart: 10%) and backup (horse: 50%, cart: 20%) speeds.

Encumbrance Effects

Simple module that gives consequences to carrying too much weight. Once you're carrying more than three quarters of your maximum capacity, your speed will start to reduce and rate of fatigue will increase. This is relative to weight up to -50% speed at 100% capacity. The reduction will show on the character sheet just like any other stat debuff.

Usable Bandages

Simply makes bandage items usable items which will heal some health depending on the level of medical skill. This is a basic implementation that will only work if Roleplay & Realism: Items is not installed as the implementation in that mod has lighter, stackable bandages and is more usable.

Ship Port Boarding

This module places a restriction on where you can board your ship, once you've saved up and purchased one. With this enabled ships can only be boarded from towns with ports.

Underworld Expulsion

This module makes it possible to be expelled from the underworld guild in Daggerfall. Beware, neither the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood are the sort of organisations that allow members to just walk away. There's no way to re-join either, since those bridges will be well and truely burned, even if you do somehow get out alive. :twisted:

Mountain Rumors (FG Master quest)

A new quest "Mountain Rumors" added for players that reach master rank in the Fighters Guild. Investigate rumors of a missing master armor smith. Success will find a unique shop added to the game providing custom armor pieces so you can complete your set of Orcish armor! For a price of course. Failure can even result in your being hounded to death by the Dark Brotherhood.

The quest contains different choices and options, pay attention to what is going on because the penalties are quite severe. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the more in depth questline here, but it doesn't hold your hand. Thanks to Ralzar for beta testing it. Uses and demonstrates a lot of new modding features and adds a brand new location to the game, if you can find it of course.

See viewtopic.php?f=25&t=3102

Climbing Restriction

With this module enabled, you will not be able to climb while holding a weapon. If you get a good hold you can use a weapon, but sheath it before attempting to move otherwise you're certain to fall.

Weapon Speed Limits

This module puts a variable speed limiter on melee weapon attacks dependent on weapon type and character speed & strength. For most weapons, strength will now count towards attack speed: 20% for 1 Handed and 50% for 2 Handed.

Above 70 speed, there will be diminishing returns on attack speed with a cap of 100% for no weapon, 97% for daggers, 92% for 1H and 85% for 2H.

This is a basic implementation that will only work if Roleplay & Realism: Items is not installed as the implementation in that mod is based on weapon weights after rebalancing them.

Armor Damage

This module increases the damage taken by armor worn in combat to make it actually noticeable and eventually your armor will need repairs if you wear it long enough. Essentially the damage done for a successful hit from an enemy is taken by your health and the armor piece condition.

Enemy Appearance Remix

This module remixes the appearance of human enemies with classes to make them more realistic. It also gives a better distribution of classes to the available animated sprites. One gameplay change is that Sorcerers will now be able to cast spells at you. This change goes hand in hand with the upcoming module of the Loot Realism mod pack that makes enemy equipment for human enemies based on their class. The classes that have a new appearance with this module are shown below, all other classes remain unchanged.
UpdatedAppearances.png (68.49 KiB) Viewed 32432 times

Sensible Purify Potions

This module changes Purify potions so that they cure poison instead of applying invisibility, which is probably a bug in classic and matches the other effects much better.

Auto-extinguish Player Light

This module will automatically extinguish player light when exiting dungeons during the day. For those forgetful players. (so almost everyone! :))

Weapon Material To-hit Moderation

This module reduces the to-hit bonuses of high tier weapon materials so skill remains key factor in the to-hit calculations. For example Daedric weapons give a +18 bonus to hit with this mod enabled, which is quite a good bonus, however normally it would be +60 which makes weapon skill largly irrelavent.

Classic Strength Damage Bonus

This module changes the strength damage bonus to match what is displayed in classic rather than what was used for calculations. Probably a bug in classic and this module assumes the displayed value is what should have been used. It means that the bonus is -5 to +5 instead of -10 to +10 which matches other bonuses from attributes.

Variant Shop and Tavern Keepers

This module changes the NPC sprites for some shops and taverns to alternate images based on building quality. This is purely cosmetic to add some variety as well as indication of establishment quality. Credit to RealAKP and Polarstar from Discord for the artwork. Currently there are 7 new variant sprites, hopefully more will be added over time.

Replace random house flats with Townsfolk

This module replaces 80% of the random flats in houses with the townsfolk you see walking around. It's the same replacement every time for each individual building. It makes sense to have the people you see wandering around town actually live in residences. Doesn't add any sprites so is fully compatible with Dream. Also compatible with an upcoming collaboration mod called Villager Variety, and faces will be varied in houses if that mod is also installed and enabled.

Bank Loan Max Amount Per Level

This allows the maximum amount of gold banks will lend your character per level to be set to player preference. Defaults to 10k gold per level, which is much more realistic that the default 50k. If you prefer the default, then just change this setting back to 50k. Can go as low as 2k.

Refined Guild Training Service

This module refines guild training service so skill is selected first and the price is based on both character level and skill level, so no more paying a fortune for a beginners lesson because you're a high level. Can be disabled so standard pricing is used, but the skill selected first is retained.

Also there's an optional intensive training setting that can be enabled for having an option for 5 days training in one go for those that want quick and easy skill training. Disabled by default as I consider this more streamlining than role-playing. It has a price premium and works the same as standard training except that time is advanced 5 days and the skill is raised directly by 4% first. Not something I'd personally use, but has been requested by some players who find raising skills to be tedious.


For DFU v0.13.5+ get v1.4 here: https://www.nexusmods.com/daggerfallunity/mods/16

I'm very happy for suggestions for additional modules or contributions.
See my mod code for examples of how to change various aspects of DFU: https://github.com/ajrb/dfunity-mods

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Re: Roleplay & Realism mod pack

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Re: Roleplay & Realism mod pack

Post by Interkarma »

Very nice! I was wondering what you've been up to. :)

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Re: Roleplay & Realism mod pack

Post by pango »

There have been discussions in the past to include food/drink enhancements in such mod; That could become another way to help non-caster classes... or implement survival mechanisms.

Trying to gather past ideas:
  • Make food restore stamina, right now it (only slightly) restores some health; Or maybe that should depend on food type, some having more healing properties;
  • Effect over time. You just fully rested from a good night sleep at the inn, but maybe you'd need some breakfast to restore some of your stamina loss as you travel around in the morning. etc.
  • Reify food. Right now it only exist as orders in taverns, that you immediately eat/drink. It could be useful, specially if food has no effect over time, to be able to put food in inventory and decide when to use it. That could require specific graphic assets
  • Reified food could have special effects on the player. To quote @Jay_H on Discord,
    Coming back to the food concept, something recent games are doing is to provide unique bonuses for consuming certain meals. Those games require cooking, but we can backwards construct from there. Each kind of food could provide one unique bonus for several hours:
    1. -50% stamina loss
    2. Increase resistance to physical attacks
    3. Increase resistance to magical attacks.
    4. Increase skill learning speed by 20%.
    5. Increase max attack damage.
    6. Grant magicka regeneration
    7. Grant or increase life regeneration
I'm not fond of survival mechanics in general (it raises my anxiety), but for completeness:
  • Counterbalance food by making stamina drop faster
  • Allow to harvest food in the world (merge harvestable crops mod?);
  • Hunger/satiety as a separate vital metric?or thirst?
  • Food items could only last for some time, depending on type.
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Re: Roleplay & Realism mod pack

Post by emmathepony »

I love the idea for this mod!

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Re: Roleplay & Realism mod pack

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Make a dizziness effect after you drink alcohol, thats realism as well ;)

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Re: Roleplay & Realism mod pack

Post by Vondur »

This is gonna be awesome. Like I said in one of the last episodes, Daggerfall Unity could very well become the greatest RPG of all time. Thank you Hazelnut and all other modders.
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Re: Roleplay & Realism mod pack

Post by jayhova »

I was just thinking that we need a custom behaviors mod that lets you turn on specific features. Like a collection of mini mods that by themselves aren't worth creating a mod for.
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Re: Roleplay & Realism mod pack

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What mod is not worth creating... I know u want everything compacted dude :D

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Re: Roleplay & Realism mod pack

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Check out my YouTube Channel!

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