Unleveled Mobs

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Re: Unleveled Mobs

Post by Ah_Ftagn »

Given that werewolves have appeared in basically every main elder scrolls game except oblivion (plus ESO), and wereboars are only in Daggerfall, I'd say that it's probably a typo, particularly given the in-game source and the fact that I've noticed no wereboars in Sentinel, but HAVE noticed werewolves.

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Re: Unleveled Mobs

Post by KovuCougar »

Had a question about the Unleveled Quest if you don't mind.

Was wondering if you did anything other than adjust the gold reward amounts? Out of curiosity I was comparing the Unleveled Quest stuff to the 0.10.27 quests and was trying to figure out if other changes I was seeing was possibly your work, or if they were various other fixes introduced since the fork.

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Re: Unleveled Mobs

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What is Unlevelled Quests doing? Description is nonexistant.

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