[MOD] Third Person Camera

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Re: [MOD] Third Person Camera

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Thats strange if it does not happen on your PC as well?

I made a clean install DFU now, with beta 0.11.0 and I enabled ONLY 3rd person camera mod, nothing else... and it has this same bug :D

So maybe its about some ingame settings? Still I doubt that, I tried disabling "toggle sneak" as that appeared to be somehow related, but no change.

To be very specific.
1) Im standing
2) I press "O" and see my character from 3rd person
3) I press O again and Im in 1st person view, but the camera is is a crouching position

Than it gets strange

4) I press "C" to stand up from a crouch, but I can see the camera gets to standing location for a split of a second, and from there it goes DOWN to actual crouch. So Im still crouching after this, but it reset the game logic, so now when I
5) press the "C" once again, the character FINALLY stands up and all is ok.

Not sure if this detail can help you with anything :)

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