archery issues - dreugh hitbox, arrows hitting offcenter, jedi bats [CLOSED]

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archery issues - dreugh hitbox, arrows hitting offcenter, jedi bats [CLOSED]

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the hitbox doesn't seem to fit the model at all unfortunately. hitting them with an arrow is really fucky as only the bottom tentacle part seems to be registering a hit. arrows just kinda pass through the whole upper body section, where you would intuitively aim.

there are some minor hit detection issues shooting other enemies but it's probably never gonna be perfect with sprites. i haven't noticed anything like the dreugh thing so far, which is pretty noticable though and in my opinion this will require a fix.

not sure if this qualifies as a bug, but the crosshair is not really where the arrow goes, cause it will spawn to the right of the player where the model is, thereby requiring you to adjust the crosshair position a bit to the left of where you actually want the arrow to go.. how much to the left depends on how close the enemy is.
this could most likely be fixed by having the arrow spawn in the center (or closer to the center of) the screen.
depending on if thats what you want - it might be more realistic to leave it as is.. not sure what other people would prefer, but i like having the arrow hit where i aim.
edit: in my opinion you should keep the animation the same though, because it's great!

bats and other flying enemies will sometimes randomly dodge arrows with jedi like reflexes, moving out of the way for a split second just when the arrow should be hitting it and then returning to proper position right after it has passed.
might this be related to the infinite crouching thing that sometimes happens when you get hit by an arrow? arrow hitbox moving your model...? just an idea..
anyway, this is not as bad of an issue as the dreugh thing in my opinion. i was laying a ton of arrows into a few thinking what the hell is going on why are my hits rolling so bad and even thought dreughs were just immune to arrows in general before i finally figured out what was going on :lol: