0.10.11 - HealAttribute() can wrap around healing value [RESOLVED 0.10.14]

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0.10.11 - HealAttribute() can wrap around healing value [RESOLVED 0.10.14]

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If I make a spell that heals more than the attribute damage, it wraps around to the beginning. In this save, the character has 24 points of strength out of 90 for 66 points of damage. He has a spell that heals exactly 67 points of strength. After casting the spell he has 25 points. It seems to wrap around this way consistently. I wasn't able to reproduce the bug with damaged speed or agility.

http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=138 ... 4090433281

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Re: Heal Strength spell is bugged

Post by Interkarma »

Thank you for excellent report and save to reproduce. There is indeed a bug here. It won't just affect Heal Strength either, as all of the HealAttribute() effects use the same code, only the attribute index changes.

I'll move this to bug reports and fix up when I can. I've attached a copy of save to this reply in case original link is lost.
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