opening quest log can clear marked residences from map [RESOLVED]

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opening quest log can clear marked residences from map [RESOLVED]

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residences marked on map can get cleared once you open the quest log
not sure if this requires the quest log to contain the named residence in its quest text

in the save provided in the link there is the named residence contained in the quest log text: in this case it always clears the residence name from the map

not sure if this bug was always present or if it is kind a regression issue - I never noticed this before though, it could explain some reports of ppl that discovered stuff disappears

steps to reproduce:
  • load the provided savegame
  • info click on the building to mark it as "The Wickford Residence" on map
  • open quest log
  • revisit map to see that building was cleared from map
  • repeat the above steps if needed
Savegame: ... sp=sharing

I will take a look what causes this

update: it is indeed a call to PlayerGPS.UndiscoverBuilding that is happening there from quest resource resolving from the quest log text containing the name

update2: seems to be an easy fix

update3: pull request with fix issued