French/German patch breaks compatibility [GAME DATA RELATED]

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Re: French/German patch breaks compatibility

Post by Deepfighter » Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:26 pm

Just to clarify things as the project leader of the German translation. The German Translation patch works "still" like intended with this new version; I test it from time to time, as I want to have compatibility with DF Vanilla and DFUnity in the end. The same should go with the French version, as we use the same editors, so no worries @Zokroz :)

There are small things, like not getting the ingame breaks <0xFD> or the random tag <0xFF> in the TEXT.RSC. But it's not notable and haven't been addressed from my side, as it's most likely not implemented yet. And even if it is a "bug" it's nothing you (Interkarma) need to spend your precious time on yet anyway.

My suggestion for all people who are into translating Daggerfall and want to make it compatible with DFUnity. Wait until all the basic stuff is included, and wait further for a sign of Interkarma - probably when the beta-testing is coming (?) - to see how it will work with our fan translations. At least I will do it like this, as it makes no sense to fix now stuff regarding translations, which may (or have to) be altered in a later development process of DFUnity.

It's hard to wait, I know it myself, but it will be worth every moment in the end playing Daggerfall in our native language with the amazing DFUnity. :)
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Re: French/German patch breaks compatibility

Post by Interkarma » Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:21 pm

Thank you for your feedback and support Deepfighter. :)