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0.11.3 MacOS. A couple of UI issues in non native resolutions [RESOLVED 0.13.3]

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2021 9:16 pm
by controlspace
Hi again.

I've encountered this when I tried Retro Mode (it rocks!) with 1600X1200 resolution, on MacOS 10.11

So, when:
1. I set a resolution with a ratio other than my monitor's 16:10 eg. 1600X1200 for Retro Mode
2. and I set Fullscreen on
3. and regardless of the "Free Scaling" setting in GUI

The game behaves as if the UI elements (buttons, inventory slots, travel map search field, everything) are stretched.

I've included a screenshot of the in-game travel map to better illustrate what I'm trying to say here.

If I turn off "Fullscreen", the UI behaves.

I hope this helps. If you think I can provide more info, just let me know.


Re: 0.11.3 MacOS. A couple of UI issues in non native resolutions

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:02 pm
by Interkarma
There's a known issue with messagebox text overlap at 4:3 ratio. This will be solved before 1.0 later this year.


I can't say what the issue is with UI elements. The visual rectangles of buttons, etc. is the same used to determine cursor placement, so I'm not sure how one could be different to the other.

I use roughly the same setup as you for play: 1600x1200, retro mode 640x400, free scaling enabled. I haven't experienced this on Windows. I do recall Pango mentioning the display scaling trick I recommend for retro rendering doesn't work for him under Linux either, so possibly a related issue.

I'll shift into bug reports for now. Unfortunately I don't have a Mac to test with. Hopefully another Mac user will be able to add some more details.

Re: 0.11.3 MacOS. A couple of UI issues in non native resolutions

Posted: Fri Jun 04, 2021 4:30 am
by controlspace
Thanks for your answer.

Indeed, with Retro on, the text overlap occurs on Windows too when Free Scaling is enabled -- I leave it off precisely for that reason and totally forgot it :lol:

And just to clarify: on the Mac, the UI/mouse-input issue exists regardless of Free Scaling setting -- which does work; the UI graphic elements do stretch.

And as I understand it, the actual mouse hotspots stretch too, and are not confined within the pseudo 4:3 ratio of any such (non 16:10 "friendly") resolution. I tested 1600X1200 with Retro off and it still happens, both in in-game and in the game's main menu.

Hope it helps.