[0.12.2] Conversation options defaulting to "Work"

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[0.12.2] Conversation options defaulting to "Work"

Post by Ralzar »

Just noticed it in this stream:


When going to "Tell me about." the text at the top is always the text for asking about work.

The NPC also responds as if he was asking about work.

Checked the start of the stream and he is using DFU 0.12.2
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Re: Conversation options defaulting to "Work"

Post by Interkarma »

This requires player to select Where Is > Work beforehand. Steps to reproduce.
  1. Start conversation with an NPC
  2. Select Where Is > Work and note the player's text box at top of UI
  3. Switch back to Tell Me About > Any News and note the player's text box still shows player asking about work
In a fresh conversation, Tell Me About > News will display the correct text. But it's not being reset properly when switching between Where > Work and back again.

I'll move to Issues to fix later. Considered low priority. Cheers. :)

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