Experimental Smaller Dungeons

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Re: Experimental Smaller Dungeons

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SerGoldenhandtheJust wrote: Sun Apr 04, 2021 5:56 am So I was playing around with this and was wondering. Is it possible to turn this feature on/off in the same playthrough?
I don't want to potentially screw up my saves, but I'd like the choice of doing a smaller dungeon, then turning off smaller dungeons and doing the bigger normal Daggerfall one. I figure as long as I'm outside of the dungeon it should be fine right?
you can toggle it mid-playthrough as long as you don't currently have any dungeon-related quests running. If you turn it on while you have a dungeon quest running, chances are it'll render the quest impossible to complete
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Re: Experimental Smaller Dungeons

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all daggerfall dungeons really need is for there to be fewer ramps/stairs between levels. If you look at the cross sections in books like the original dungeons and dragons games they look remarkably similar minus having too many connections and sub levels.

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