I made a controller profile

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Re: I made a controller profile

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Thanks you Ralzar, for sharing your profile. I've beebn trying to figure out a good key mapping to use for my PS4 controller and I like your setup, but I'm a bit confused on a few of your keys. Hopefully, you can help me out. Is it possible you can identify each XBox button you have pictured with it's default Daggerfall keybaord key. It woould help me greatly.

The "use" button is setup twice on the controller as 'L2' and 'A', is that correct. Are there 2 different 'use' keys in the game? I apologize for not being more knowledgeable but I've only recently started playing Daggerfall.

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Re: I made a controller profile

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I honestly can't remember anymore. It has been quite a while since I used this. But I seem to remember that setting left trigger to use worked for stuff like combat. But when you are in menus, using A for selecting and confirming choices.
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