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Steam Deck

Post by Columbian_farm »

So I am reserving a steam deck and I am curious will it be able to run Daggerfall Unity? What I mean by this is that will I be able to use the controller of the steam Deck and use it to play Daggerfall Unity? I know of a mod but from what I know that's for only Xbox Remotes.

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Re: Steam Deck

Post by pango »

Welcome to the forums, Columbian_farm!

That mod was created before Daggerfall Unity had native controllers support (added by jefetienne over the last year).
If SteamDeck exposes controllers using standard Linux interface (and I don't see why it wouldn't), then I assume it should work with native controllers support.
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Re: Steam Deck

Post by jefetienne »

It definitely should work with the Steam Deck. I wouldn't be surprised if you could change how it gets recognized by different games, like as an XInput or Dualshock controller.

Even if it doesn't, I've written the controller support in a way that's platform agnostic so it can be configured to work no matter the input interface.

And even if that somehow doesn't work, I've already reserved my 512 GB model and I'll make sure it does. :)
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