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Release package download

Post by legion » Sun Jan 27, 2019 2:23 am

As far as the download, I am requesting that all the best, practical mods be packaged into one simple install program to give us the best enhanced-Daggerfall experience without any "mod selection" process.
I am really into this project because I think Daggerfall when it was first released in 1996 had tremendous unmet potential which can be fulfilled with this remake,
When I played Oblivion and Skyrim I spent more time downloading and installing mods than playing the actual game.
Once I found out the core game sucks, I realized no amount of modding would help.
But Daggerfall is different. We really have an opportunity here. All I'm requesting with this post is that the designers make some aesthetic decisions on what mods should be baked-into the game, so I can fire it up without having to select this-and-that and spend time downloading & installing extra mods, trying to choose which ones I want and which ones I don't. I'd rather just play the game.
I know there are many potential contributors to this project but if I am to play it, I want it to be a 1-shot experience without having to select checkboxes or download any extra enhancements. Make it one solid experience. Thanks.

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Re: Release package download

Post by Jay_H » Sun Jan 27, 2019 2:30 am

We've talked about this before, and in order to do this, we'd have to settle some matters. The main question is what are the "best" mods and what are the "good" ones.

Furthermore, this is a game in pre-alpha. Some degree of complexity is to be expected. Either it can be played now without mods, now with configured mods, or later when everything is in a more stable shape.
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Re: Release package download

Post by King of Worms » Sun Jan 27, 2019 11:31 am

This is not a realistic request :) Try the same with Skyrim and its 1 000 000s of mods. Ask a comunity to create one pack so u can one click activate it and not be bothered with it no more. The best reply you can get is a S.T.E.P. where you will spend 2 days getting it to work and even than it will not work :D And u spend another days fixing it if you are lucky.

Why everything must be oversimplyfied nowadays?

Pick a mod you like, click download, and than click a box to activate it ingame. Its not that hard. If you dont have a patience to do that, how can you even think of playing this game or finishing it? I mean this question seriously.

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Re: Release package download

Post by johnwax » Thu Jan 31, 2019 8:58 pm

To an extent, I agree with Legion. I have played Daggerfall off and on since 1996 and have played every TES game made starting with Arena and including little knowns like Battlespire and Redguard. DFU was a dream come true and I've been addicted since discovering it online last October.

Anyway, here's my suggestion - add only those mods which add ambiance and immersion - e.g. enhanced sky, real grass, mountains and hills, distant terrain ect. Mods that add HUD enhancements (convenient clock, etc.) or new monsters, weapons, etc can be added individually as desired.

This approach is actually what is no being done. Hazelnut's travel screen and quest completion/map recording improvements are examples.

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Re: Release package download

Post by Hazelnut » Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:14 pm

FWIW when DFU is v1.0 and fully done I will be putting together a set of mods for the way I want to play the game. I plan to release this publically in case people decide they want the Hazelnut flavoured DFU, as one of the developers, or not. It will be RPG & immersion oriented, but to my tastes. ;)

I don't think there'll ever be an 'offical' one true mod or the 'best' mods compilation or anything. And lets face it anyone registered here with more than half a dozen posts is gonna pick and choose mods themselves anyway right? We all love Daggerfall, but if you read it's obvious for varied aspects. :D

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