Some suggestions for quest actions

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Some suggestions for quest actions

Post by Kamer » Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:45 am

I'll keep it short. Someone of these are related to questions I had on another topic but I'll put them here just to have it in a more appropriate spot. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place either so feel free to move the topic if needed.

1: Stat Check Quest action
-We currently have skill checks, however some stats are more appropriate for a check in certain instances rather than skills.

Example: when stat statName is at least minSkillValue

2: Legal reputation check

-I know legal rep is still early I believe, though I might be wrong on that, but I'd like to see this option eventually added in.

Example: when legal repute exceeds nn

3: Randomly selected sprite sheet

-This might be more appropriate for a mod rather than feature as I don't have any know how sprites in the texture files work. This might not even be possible depending on how it's set up is. Basically if there are multiple files of a sprites, unity will choose a random sheet of the object or mob to use.

Example: Say you have the textures of the archer.

482_0-0 would be the original sheet.

If you would like to have different looking types say you have 2 other sheets named:


The game would randomly select the original or the two other sheet types with some symbol letting the game know. Would that be possible?

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