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Re: Run Toggle?

Post by Interkarma » Wed May 15, 2019 1:07 am

BansheeXYZ wrote:
Tue May 14, 2019 5:12 pm
I am envisioning a future option that simply says "[ ] Turn run/crouch/sneak into toggles". Of course, that would require making crouch work like run/sneak does now.
I like the idea of an optional toggle setting for these state keys. It will also remove the need for managing several additional keybinds.

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Re: Run Toggle?

Post by NoobioDF » Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:16 am

This might not be the best place to mention this, but best I can find at moment.

There is some confusion for me as to Stealth key and the ALT Key in Daggerfall Original. From what I've read, you can go into a Crouch, and this may or may not put you into Stealth mode.

However, in Classic, I believe you hit the ALT key as default, depending on what movement mode or GUI mode you were in. ALT key in one movement or mouse mode, took you down to 40% movement speed. Whether this is Stealth or not, is not that clear from what I've recently read. Meanwhile, ALT had no effect on movement speed in the other GUI Mouse Mode. I guess one would place cursors up on the screen if you moved the cursor and the view itself was moved by the arrow keys.

So, I'd caution that whatever is decided here has to work correctly in the two mouse modes, if those are both implemented.

ALT is very inconveniently placed. I usually use C for crouch, as CTRL is now so far beneath so many other important keys that it is dangerous to reach for CTRL. For canceling a spell, X makes a lot of sense. Since TAB is unused by default in the game, I substitute that for BACKSPACE to bring up the Spell Book. I realize that the keybinds are meant to be customizable, but toggles may not be so easy to customize, I'm not a dev so I don't know.

To summarize, my main concern is that ALT reduced movement speed and might be a trigger for Stealth or just an additional modifier to movement speed that aids Stealth. Meanwhile Crouch is usually also part of Stealth in The Elder Scrolls. I don't fully recall what Daggerfall Classic did, but it had both having some input per the manual and dependent on the mouse mode or view mode being chosen.

So having a Crouch Toggle might be a bit confusing as well. Might be best to just, with DFU, have one key achieve both functions, that of ALT and C simultaneously. Not sure what is the best option here, as I don't know enough about how Stealth actually works. I do know that in most Skyrim games, speed of movement and crouching work together to create Stealth. So that even if you just moved the forward key intermittently, thus keeping your average speed low, you were able to achieve the same level of Stealth as using Walking Mode, as long as you were crouched. Crouch or Standing is more a State of how tall and thus visible you are at range in my experience of these Elder Scrolls games.

Off-topic, but similarly part of a choice of GUI mode or option, the various types of swings, like overhead chop, side to side slash, and thrust are traditionally done in Daggerfall Original via Holding Right Mouse Down and moving the mouse. The more powerful the swing type (Chop is most, Slash is average, Thrust is least damagine), the lesser the base chance to hit for that swing type (Chop least likely to hit, Slash average to hit, Thrust most likely to hit). A further complication, if you use the option to simply use a Click to do an attack, you seem to usually, if not always, do a slash with average damage and CTH. Seems last time I changed it within the same gaming session, on the fly, I got varying swing types but that did not happen the next time. So, this is another thing that I do not know what is truly intended or even classic in Daggerfall.

Mentioned all this in case it is of any importance.

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Re: Run Toggle?

Post by jayhova » Wed Jun 26, 2019 7:10 am

It seems of the three crouch has the least utility value. For sneaky type characters a sneak toggle has a huge utility value. Unfortunately, it's sometimes difficult to see a clear difference between normal and sneaking movement. An indicator would be helpful in that case. See Here for that discussion
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Re: Run Toggle?

Post by Kendannon » Mon Sep 30, 2019 11:45 pm

This is a good idea and searching for it is what brought me here. My hands get tired and auto-move would definitely help with fatigue. I would also say toggle anything that can be toggled. It's just convenient. I'm playing a stealthy talker right now and a stealth toggle with a stealth icon would rock.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your work. I'm so stoked on unity and its mods.

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