World Map Size

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World Map Size

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Perhaps an odd question (or one already asked), but how feasible would it be to scale... down the worldmap size?
At least, on an end-user side.
I am hoping to scale up the worlds of Morrowind-Skyrim at some point, and I'm curious that if I did so, (I can reach different caps on each engine,) would I be able to set the whole series to the same scale? Obviously for the most part, Skyrim could never be made at the scale of vanilla Daggerfall, but I can definitely increase the size to some degree. So back to the question, would it be feasible to have a notibly, like, say, .5 or .3 version of the world, with features closer together?

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Re: World Map Size

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I imagine you could make things as small as you wish in the DFU framework. Of course what I would like to see is something like arena with assets from the sequels ported in. Quite frankly the better solution for what you seem to be asking for would probably be OpenMW. OMW is setup to deal with the sorts of files in the later games and does not have the same engine limitations as those games. What I haven't seen anyone do (and I would like to) is take the Stros M'Kai map and import it into a modern game. As it happens Redguard has the distinction of being the last 1:1 scale world ever built by bethsoft.
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