Spellbook Tooltips

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Spellbook Tooltips

Post by Teralitha »

Would it be possible to get a tooltip in your spellbook somewhere to indicate what magic school your spells are from.

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Re: Spellbook Tooltips

Post by Interkarma »

Yes, it's unusual classic UI doesn't show this information anywhere. I'll think about where this could go.

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Re: Spellbook Tooltips

Post by mikeprichard »

This would be really helpful!

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Re: Spellbook Tooltips

Post by Ommamar »

Well I wouldn't limit it so just the spell book but at anytime you mouse over a spell being sold or a spell being made. But there is also a case to be made to allow this to be figured out through exploration and research. Be great if it could be implemented in the game through the book system or even dialogue with a trainer.

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Re: Spellbook Tooltips

Post by jayhova »

It would be nice to see something in the spell maker/buyer menus as well
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