Console command to unclutter bodies

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Re: Console command to unclutter bodies

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Interkarma wrote: Tue Jul 23, 2019 6:26 am There is a system in place for stacked bodies, you don't have to worry so much if they die right on top of each other. Once you empty out a corpse container and see the "contains no treasure" popup, the container object on that corpse is disabled and you can loot whatever is under it. Repeat until everything has been picked up. If there's anything you don't actually want, discard it off to one side in a separate loot pile and keep on looting. :)
Fallout 2 had left and right arrows appear on the looting/inventory screen in these situations. You could switch back and forth as you desired. When a corpse was emptied, it was culled from the list until, on the last one, the arrows disappeared (I think, may be misremembering that last part).

But I do like the auto-corpses combining thing. Maybe add a new sprite for when it happens: corpse pile.
May not be worth the bugfixing that could result, though. :|

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