Credits Thread

Discuss Daggerfall Unity and Daggerfall Tools for Unity.
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Credits Thread

Post by Interkarma »

Daggerfall Unity already has a good few contributors. I'm starting this thread to help ensure everyone is credited for their work. I will include this information with the game eventually.

If you have contributed code to Daggerfall Unity or Daggerfall Tools for Unity, and I've missed you below, my sincere apologies. Please remind me and I will ensure you're added. :)


Bethesda Softworks - Daggerfall itself and all game content belongs to them.

Interkarma - Lead developer
Lypyl - Core Developer
Nystul - Core Developer
TheLacus - Core Developer
InconsolableCellist - Core Developer
Allofich/R.D. - Core Developer
Hazelnut - Core Developer
Numidium - Core Developer
Meteoric Dragon - Core Developer
Petchema/Pango - Core Developer
Jay_H - Core Developer
Ferital - Core Developer
JorisVanEijden - Core Developer
jefetienne - Core Developer

Uncanny_Valley - Contributor
HowardRoeske - Contributor
Al-Khwarizmi - Contributor
Narf the Mouse - Contributor
ifkopifko - Contributor
Xaphir - Contributor
AnKor - Contributor
electrorobobody - Contributor
midopa - Contributor
JustinS - Contributor
murderbeard - Contributor
King of Worms - Contributor
KirillSmirnov - Contributor
Alyndiar - Contributor
jimfcarroll - Contributor
Elenwel - Contributor
goodbadbugs - Contributor
pcbeard - Contributor
zaklaus - Contributor
jbrod22 - Contributor
EPNW - Contributor
FrozenFish24 - Contributor
Eric Prokop - Contributor
Arcane21 - Contributor
AsesinoBlade - Contributor
BansheeXYZ - Contributor
Aelthien - Contributor
BadLuckBurt - Contributor
MaxRebo - Contributor
D0ct0r3d - Contributor
joshcamas - Contributor

Additional thanks to:

Dave Humphrey - Tools & Information
Donald Tipton - Tools & Information
Galactic Chicken - Testing & Media
Firebrand - Inputting all classic quest display names

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Re: Credits Thread

Post by Midknightprince »

How does a bonehead like me get on here ?
Thanks you guys.
I got the feels :D
Check out my YouTube Channel!

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Re: Credits Thread

Post by Hazelnut »

Midknightprince wrote:How does a bonehead like me get on here ?
Enthusiasm plus hours and hours of playtesting. :D
See my mod code for examples of how to change various aspects of DFU:

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Re: Credits Thread

Post by Nystul »

you definitely belong the the additional thanks list for your videos

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Re: Credits Thread

Post by Reskal »

Since the 90ies daggerfall is my big love in mmo-games and you all made a phantastic game out of it. In the past 20 years i started so often a char but after some days i could not go on because the original controls of the game were that clunky and hard to play..and now, i'm jumping around and cycle around the mobs like born for it, its pure fun to fight, and the graphic improvements are great also, the writings, the wider sight range, so much nice-to-have-things now but you kept the old spirit, the good old game we love.
You guys are awesome and i thank you so very much for Daggerfall Unity.

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