Spells - Chance Of Success Rating

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Spells - Chance Of Success Rating

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Does anyone know if this is a percent chance of 1-100, or a like a random roll of like 1-1000 or something?

Im beginning to wonder about this because Ive 2 spells with different chances but perplexing results.

1. Cure Poison 20 + 5 per 2, lvl 12 character = 60 chance, 50 magic cost
2. Cure Poison 8 + 1 per 2 lvl, lvl 12 character = 14 chance 5 magic cost.

The first one I would cast several times without a success. And actually even up to now that spell has never succeeded.

I made the second spell just to try something. While dungeoning, I got poisoned a few times, and using the cheaper spell, I would get cured almost right away every time.

I had this happen to me many times over many playthroughs and I always wondered if there was an issue. Has anyone else noticed its harder to get a chance success with a higher number than a low one? In my classic game I made an identify spell with a 90% chance success. It too never worked. I would always have to go to an NPC for identify. Kinda crazy

Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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