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Post Your Favorite Character Builds

Post by MadPreacher1AD » Mon Sep 30, 2019 3:51 am

Since I didn't see this topic I thought I'd start one. A lot of the old cheese has been removed, so the tips and tricks no longer work. Thanks Interkarma! :)

I'm liking my custom Paladin class with High Elf as the race. You get good offense and excellent spell power.

Name: Paladin
Advancement Multiplier: 1.65
Hit Points Per Level: 20

  • Strength: 60
    Intelligence: 40
    Willpower: 50
    Agility: 70
    Endurance: 50
    Personality: 50
    Speed: 50
    Luck: 30
  • Primary Skill 1: Etiquette
    Primary Skill 2: Long Blade
    Primary Skill 3: Restoration
    Major Skill 1: Medical
    Major Skill 2: Mysticism
    Major Skill 3: Short Blade
    Minor Skill 1: Critical Strike
    Minor Skill 2: Dodging
    Minor Skill 3: Jumping
    Minor Skill 4: Mercantile
    Minor Skill 5: Running
    Minor Skill 6: Streetwise
Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Paralysis: Critical Weakness
    Magic: Normal
    Poison: Normal
    Fire: Normal
    Frost: Normal
    Shock: Normal
    Disease: Normal
    Short Blades: Normal
    Long Blades: Expert
    Hand To Hand: Normal
    Axes: Normal
    Blunt Weapons: Normal
    Missile Weapons: Normal
    Undead Attack Modifier: Normal
    Daedra Attack Modifier: Normal
    Humanoid Attack Modifier: Normal
    Animals Attack Modifier: Normal
    Darkness Powered Magery:
    Light Powered Magery:
    Forbidden Materials:
    Forbidden Shields:
    Forbidden Armors:
    Forbidden Proficiencies:
    Expert Proficiencies: Long Blades
    Spell Point Multiplier: Times 3
    Spell Absorption: None
    No Regen Spell Points: False
    Acute Hearing: False
    Athleticism: False
    Adrenaline Rush: False
    Rapid Healing: Always
    Damage From Sunlight: False
    Damage From Holy Places: False
I use a female High Elf and the class works pretty well.

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