Location for Daggerfall Midi repository

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Location for Daggerfall Midi repository

Post by dankbladedirk »

Is there a repository for all the the original Daggerfall midi files? I want to work on some of them in Reason music softare and want to import midi. Cursory google searches are not finding anything. Thanks!


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Re: Location for Daggerfall Midi repository

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https://github.com/Interkarma/daggerfal ... rces/Songs

These mid.bytes files should be in your DFU installation too. Copy them and rename the extension to just .mid and that should work
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Re: Location for Daggerfall Midi repository

Post by Azteca »

I’d also recommend checking out ByteMixer’s work here on the forum. I know he edited the MIDI to improve it and I think he shared it with another soundtrack mod creator. It could save you lots of work.

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