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Simple things

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Re: Simple things

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Ommamar wrote: Sun Mar 22, 2020 2:40 pm when pressed I realized it was simply because in Daggerfall there is a block/parry sound played during combat. I think it is either random or on a set timer (someone who has dug into the scripts could say better).
From what I have seen, it's just a function that plays instead of hit-sounds essentially. Like this parry sound will never play against certain enemies, instead you will hear a "woosh" miss noise. The parry sound is only played when your attempt at a hit misses against specific enemies that "play" the parry sound, such as human enemy classes and orcs, many other are included as well.

I forget if Morrowind even had the "woosh" miss noise, I feel like it did, but I don't believe it had any parry sort of sounds like in Daggerfall.

I'll also put my own opinion in here as well. I think that Daggerfall generally feels like the chances of hitting are higher from the start (at least if you don't make an utterly gimped build) compared to the very start of Morrowind. Tack on the fact that Stamina had a much bigger effect on combat in Morrowind compared to Daggerfall, not sure if accuracy was effected by you current stamina level in Morrowind, but the fact that stamina drained so quickly really made it feel like it during early combat. So yeah, I do feel that Daggerfall always had a better "feeling" attack system compared to Morrowind.

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