any hanging mods/ways to enable it

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any hanging mods/ways to enable it

Post by blackyman7 »

So one of the things that made climbing so useful was the ability to hang, with it I was able to get out of many areas without the need to use magic, or spend the better part of hours navigate in a dungeon because I fell in somewhere. just spent the better part of 10 minutes trying to hang, only to find out that since the last time I played the feature was locked.

any help?

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Re: any hanging mods/ways to enable it

Post by Ralzar »

Are you sure? Check that you've activated that advanced feature in the DFU settings.
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Re: any hanging mods/ways to enable it

Post by Interkarma »

I'll copy my response to this question on Reddit here.

The author of Advanced Climbing discontinued this part of the feature set a while back.


Hanging mode has since been removed from the game so that we could fix several bugs with climbing and general move sets.

Up until very recently, I was considering a rewrite of climbing to simplify and fix bugs that would have seen Advanced Climbing relegated to mod territory. But with some fixes coming in 0.10.23, I'm optimistic Advanced Climbing is now close to stable and will remain a core feature in its current state.

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